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How Aesthetic Dental Crowns Can Transform Your Smile

December 26, 2019
Posted By: i-Implant Dentistry

Modern dentistry has seen many impressive advancements in the last couple of decades. Updated and improved materials like dental porcelain allow dentists to fabricate restorations like crowns and bridges that look more lifelike than ever before.

You probably know that dentists recommend a crown to protect a broken or damaged tooth. But today’s porcelain dental crowns in Sartell, MN look so realistic that they can be used to correct certain aesthetic smile flaws.

How Porcelain Crowns Improve Your Smile

Dental porcelain is a strong, durable material that replicates the lustrous, translucent appearance of dental enamel. Your cosmetic dentist customizes your crown for you by choosing a white shade that blends with your smile for a seamless appearance.

Since dental crowns cover your entire tooth, they conceal certain cosmetic flaws to perfect an imperfect smile.

  • Cover a discolored or severely stained tooth
  • Close uneven gaps and spaces between teeth
  • Reshape or resize a tooth for a more harmonious appearance

It’s important to know that your dentist must alter a tooth’s shape and size to accommodate a dental crown. For this reason, when they use dental crowns for aesthetic purposes, it’s usually for back teeth that need the added protection to absorb chewing forces.

If you want to correct the aesthetics of front teeth that show when you smile, your dentist would probably recommend tooth-colored fillings, porcelain veneers, or dental bonding instead.

Are Aesthetic Dental Crowns in Sartell, MN Right for You?

Dr. Saad Bassas and Dr. Jason Chong specialize in prosthodontics like dental crowns and can help guide you in deciding if crowns or another aesthetic dental treatment is right to help you get back the smile you love.

We’re pleased to offer complimentary, no-obligation consultations at our Sartell, MN dental office, so call today to schedule an appointment to come in and discuss your smile goals.

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