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Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

July 18, 2022
Posted By: i-Implant Dentistry
sedation dentistry in sartell mn

Sedation dentistry at our dental office in Roseville, MN is a safe and effective way to receive painless, stress-free, and accelerated treatments. We understand that many patients experience dental fear and anxiety, and sedation dentistry can help calm frazzled nerves and unease. 

At i-Implant Dentistry, your comfort and safety are paramount. We offer sedation dentistry to provide more comfortable and effective dental care. 

There are many benefits of sedation dentistry:

#1 Reduces Anxiety 

Did you know that about 60 percent of people have some form of anxiety or phobia about the dentist? Fortunately, dental sedation can keep you calm before, during, and after your treatment so you can receive the dental care you need. 

#2 Enhances Comfort 

Sedation dentistry helps keep patients comfortable and relaxed during long or complex treatments. Dental sedation relaxes the muscles and helps those with sensitive gag reflexes to have a more comfortable appointment. 

#3 Several Customized Options Available 

Your dentist at i-Implant Dentistry, Dr. Saad Bassas, can determine which sedation method is most suitable for you, depending on your medical history, type of treatment, comfort level, and more. 

There are different types of dental sedation:

  • Nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) – The most common type of dental sedation, nitrous oxide is a colorless, odorless gas the patient inhales using a mask. It works quickly and provides feelings of sleepiness and euphoria, reducing anxiety and pain. 
  • Oral conscious sedation – This sedative is in pill form that helps patients remain aware and responsive but calmer during treatment. Oral sedation makes people tired, so a designated driver is necessary. 
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation – IV sedation enters the bloodstream for fast-acting calming effects. The patient remains conscious but less aware during their treatment––they may not even remember it at all. This option also requires the patient to have a designated driver. 

#4 Safe with Minimal Side Effects 

When administered by trained professionals, sedation dentistry is safe with minimal side effects. Our dental professionals are highly trained and skilled in safely and comfortably administering sedation for patients of all ages. 

#5 Quick Recovery 

Depending on the sedation type, recovery can be quick. Laughing gas wears off in about two minutes after the patient stops inhaling it, while oral and IV sedations take longer. After a good night’s sleep, most patients feel back to normal. 

Sedation Dentistry in Roseville, MN

Do you have dental anxiety, a low pain tolerance, or a sensitive gag reflex? Please call us today about sedation dentistry options at our Roseville, MN dental office! 

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