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Dental Implant Surgery Overview

March 29, 2022
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Dental implants in Sartell, MN, replace lost tooth roots using a titanium-based post. This new tooth root is strong and biocompatible. In addition, it can integrate into the bone, leaving your dentist with a solid base for a new tooth or attached prosthetic.

All About Dental Implant Surgery in Sartell, MN

Initial Dental Visits and Surgery

After a comprehensive consultation, where your dentist has taken a thorough health history and determined that you’re a good candidate for implant dentistry, we plan your surgery.

This is an image-guided surgery performed under anesthesia—sedation if desired. You may notice pressure and movement inside your mouth during the implant procedure, but you’ll not experience pain.

After surgery, your dentist provides instructions to promote healing. Directions may include chewing on the opposite side away from the implant site for a day or more and avoiding hot foods and drinks until the anesthesia wears off.

Fortunately, dental implant surgery has few side effects—mild discomfort and swelling at most. We typically suggest an over-the-counter pain reliever like Ibuprofen to combat any lingering soreness.

Dental Crown Placement or All-on-4 Teeth in a Day

It takes a few months for implant posts to integrate into the jawbone for single implants. When this phase finishes, your dentist has you come back for the final step, your tooth crown.

For All-on-4 (teeth in a day), we cap your dental implants (four implants in all) with a fixed denture as soon as implant posts are placed! This means a new smile in one day.

After placement, you’re free to enjoy your new smile and indulge in your favorite foods. However, it’s vital to maintain your oral hygiene—even with full mouth implants—and visit your dentist for checkups just as you did before implants. Failure to keep up oral maintenance can result in gum disease and implant failure.

Contact Your Dental Implant Dentist in Sartell, MN

We offer various tooth replacement options, but none are more stable or high functioning as dental implants. Call our dental office today to schedule your initial consultation or to ask any questions.

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