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Your Options for Restoring Missing Teeth

September 14, 2020
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As diligent as many of us are with our oral health, it is still unlikely that we go through life with all our natural teeth. By the time we celebrate our 50th birthday, most of us have lost over ten permanent teeth. The usual culprits include tooth decay, infection, gum disease, or injury. 

A missing tooth can be embarrassing and detrimental to your good looks, self-confidence, and how people perceive you.

Underneath the surface, there are pressing dental concerns that could impact your smile, eating, and speaking ability. Without a tooth root to stimulate it, the jaw bone will start to recede and create a sunken appearance. Neighboring teeth will begin to shift towards the gap, which can create chaos and havoc and ultimately leads to further tooth loss. 

While the consequences of not restoring missing teeth might seem severe, there's no reason to allow your smile to get to that point. At i-Implant Dentistry, we offer several tooth replacement options for our Roseville, MN patients that keep their smiles healthy.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement procedure that restores the entire tooth root. This is a viable option for patients who recently lost a tooth and have adequate bone to support the implant. 

If you have been missing a tooth for a while—no need to worry! We offer bone grafting procedures to allow your jawbone to support an implant.

Dental implants are thin, biocompatible dental screws implanted in the jawbone and topped with a dental crown. 

Dental Bridges

Patients who are missing one or multiple teeth might be interested in this non-surgical procedure. Dental bridges "bridge" the gap left by a missing tooth by attaching an artificial tooth to the neighboring teeth.

While dental bridges do not restore the tooth root, they prevent teeth from shifting and enhance your appearance, remaining an excellent option for many patients. 

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