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dental implants | st cloud mn

8 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

April 22, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Saad Bassas
dental implants | st cloud mn

Replacing a missing tooth is a new beginning in many ways. The right tooth replacement treatment can improve chewing, speaking, and even your self-confidence. That’s why your St. Cloud, MN dentist may recommend dental implants as the best solution.

More and more people are choosing dental implants to replace broken or damaged teeth while increasing their quality of life!

Natural Looking

A dental implant is a medical-grade titanium post placed in your jawbone that supports a dental crown on top. In addition to providing a hard surface for chewing, the crown blends perfectly with other teeth. If your replacement tooth is visible when you smile, you’ll love how natural your dental implant looks.

Spares Other Teeth

Unlike dental bridges, which require shaping adjacent teeth for dental crowns, dental implants do not impact other teeth at all. You’ll also avoid having to replace the crowns needed for a dental bridge.

Easy to Clean

Flossing around a dental implant is easy, making it more likely you’ll keep up with your oral hygiene and avoid tooth decay on neighboring teeth.

Stimulates Bone Growth

The titanium post of a dental implant stimulates the bone to grow around it, preventing further bone loss in the area of the missing tooth.

Can Replace One or More Teeth

A dental implant works great for one tooth but can also work together with implant-supported dentures to restore multiple teeth.

Never Slips Around

A dental implant is anchored to your jaw and won’t slip when you talk or eat.

Won’t Decay

While you still need to take good care of your gums and other teeth, a dental implant will never get a cavity. Dental bridges, however, often fail due to tooth decay.

Lasts a Lifetime

If you practice excellent oral hygiene, avoid smoking, and refrain from eating hard foods, your dental implant can last 20 years or more. You will still need to visit your dentist regularly for dental checkups and cleanings and replace the crown when it shows signs of wear.

If you’re considering dental implants in St. Cloud, MN, call us today to schedule an appointment!

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