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5 Reasons You Might Need a Tooth Extraction

August 29, 2019
Posted By: i-Implant Dentistry
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Most of us take our oral health for granted when there are no problems. So the news that you need to have a tooth removed can be devastating. 

As a trained prosthodontist, Dr. Saad Bassas does everything possible to preserve a tooth. But in some instances, tooth extraction at our St. Cloud, MN dental office is the best and only solution to protect your oral health. 

5 Reasons We Might Recommend Tooth Extraction

When will you know if you need to have a tooth removed? Here are five common scenarios where Dr. Bassas would recommend an extraction: 

  • Despite our best efforts to restore it, sometimes a tooth has suffered extensive damage that a filling, crown, or root canal won’t be enough. In this case, we would recommend pulling the tooth to protect your overall oral health.
  • We can often save an infected or abscessed tooth by performing a root canal procedure. However, if the infection has damaged the tooth significantly, the only choice that remains is to extract the tooth. 
  • Advanced gum disease – Periodontitis is the advanced stage of gum disease. If you don't have it treated, periodontitis can destroy the gums and bone that supports the tooth. When this occurs, extraction is the only option available to preserve the health of your gums and prevent further tooth loss. 
  • You are getting dentures or having orthodontic treatment, and removing one or more teeth will help us achieve the best results for you. 
  • A wisdom tooth has partially erupted or is stuck in the gums (impacted) and is putting you at risk for gum disease and cavities. Since wisdom teeth no longer serve a purpose, extraction is the best bet for keeping your smile healthy.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

If you need a tooth extraction in St. Cloud, MN, count on the i-Implant Dentistry team to help make your procedure as comfortable and stress-free as possible. 

Please call us to schedule a dental appointment to learn more.

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