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Safeties and Benefits of IV Sedation

September 22, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Saad Bassas
woman smiling after IV sedation dental exam in sartell mn

Intravenous or IV sedation is a reliable and popular form of dental sedation that we offer along with nitrous oxide and oral sedation. At i-Implant Dentistry, we work hard to make each visit with us friendly, pleasant, and comfortable. 

We understand that many patients experience anxiety, often from a bad past experience in the past. Whatever the reason for their fear and anxiety, it can keep them from seeking professional dental help when needed, or maintaining regular preventative cleanings and exams. 

IV sedation is the one of the most powerful forms of dental sedation, and it's perfect for patients who suffer from moderate to severe anxiety. Once administered, it only takes a few seconds to start taking effect, much quicker than oral sedation, which can take 30 minutes or more. 

The Benefits of IV Sedation

Dr. Saad Bassas can ensure a safe and comfortable experience by adjusting the dosage and sedation level through small incremental doses until patients are suitably relaxed. This allows us to ensure that patients can immediately and quickly achieve the sedation they leave at any point throughout the procedure. 

Since we can control the dosage, patients typically recover much quicker than with oral sedation. IV sedation has an amnesic side effect, meaning that patients often don't remember anything unpleasant or scary about their dental experience. This is especially useful for surgeries or lengthy dental procedures. 

Some patients avoid dental treatments due to being overly sensitive to the gag reflex, which can be embarrassing or uncomfortable.

Unlike general anesthesia, IV sedation patients are fully conscious throughout their dental procedure, which is often safer.

Since IV sedation can take effect quickly, it means patients don't have to wait longer than their appointment time and can be in and out of their procedure quicker. We always monitor the patient's vital signs and take note of any signs of discomfort. And for patients with busy schedules? IV sedation can help save time and keep them on a busy schedule. 

Don't Let Dental Fear Damage Your Smile

No matter what type of dental procedure you need, we will always make sure that you never feel pain, discomfort, or fear with us. Learn more about IV Sedation on our service page. If you would like some type of sedation during your appointment call our office at (320) 331-3000. We have two locations in Sartell and Roseville MN.

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