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Why Do I Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

October 3, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Saad Bassas
woman before wisdom tooth extraction in roseville mn

If you’re one of the lucky few who was born without your wisdom teeth, give yourself a high five and a pat on the back! If, however, you’re like most of us and have at least one of your wisdom teeth, we’d like to share some information about why it’s so important to remove them.

What are wisdom teeth?

Your wisdom teeth, also known as “second molars,” are four molars at the back of your jaw that typically don’t erupt at the same time as your other adult teeth. You will not feel your wisdom teeth before they begin to erupt, and you likely won’t even know they’re there until your dentist discovers them at your routine dental imaging. 

Our ancestors needed these second molars to process and chew foods in their raw, tough-on-teeth diets—but as we’ve evolved, our modern mouths and diets no longer need these teeth. 

Because they tend to erupt during the late teenage years or early twenties after childhood, these teeth became known as “wisdom teeth.”

Why do wisdom teeth need to come out?

Because our mouths are smaller than our ancestors’ were, most of us no longer need extra teeth—in fact, wisdom teeth are notorious for messing up the alignment of smiles when they try to erupt where there is no room.

More often than not, your Roseville, MN dentist will recommend removing your wisdom teeth to:

  • Protect your other teeth from shifting or moving to make room for the wisdom teeth, especially if you’ve already had braces
  • Prevent your wisdom teeth from coming in crooked 
  • Avoid painful and dangerous infections and cysts that can develop around wisdom teeth
  • Keep you from experiencing the sinus pain and pressure that wisdom teeth can cause

In addition to these reasons, it’s also incredibly hard to keep wisdom teeth clean due to their location deep in your mouth. It's best for most patients and most situations to remove wisdom teeth before they get above the gumline. 

How can I schedule a wisdom teeth consultation in Sartell?

Are you wondering if you need your wisdom teeth removed? Or maybe you’re curious whether you have wisdom teeth at all! No matter your questions or concerns, our caring dental team at i-Implant Dentistry can help. 

Give us a call today to schedule a consultation for wisdom teeth in Roseville, MN. 

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