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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): IV Sedation

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Dr. Saad Bassas and the team at i-Implant Dentistry expect that many of our patients will have a number of questions about the treatment they receive. Patient education is important to us, and we are happy to take the time to share our knowledge with patients.  Making the right decisions about treatment options is important, and when our patients have the right information, they can make the best choices. We want you to know that you’ll never feel rushed when you are in our office, and we are always happy to take the time to answer questions and address concerns.

There are a lot of questions we hear often from our patients, and we’ve listed some of these below for you to take a look at. But if you don’t see your question answered here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We don’t want you to feel uncertainty about your treatment options. Dr. Bassas is happy to take all the time needed to make sure his patients are making the most informed decisions possible. We are here for you!

IV Sedation

Stay Relaxed with IV Sedation

Millions of people who avoid or skip dental visits do so because of anxiety. Some just don’t like the experience of being in a dental office, while others feel downright dread that prevents them from following through with dental care.

At i-Implant Dentistry, we have seen the oral health consequences that anxious patients deal with because of the lack of timely dental care. For this reason, Dr. Bassas offers patients the comfort and calming effects of IV sedation at our Roseville and Sartell dental offices.

IV (intravenous) sedation dentistry will finally allow you to let go of your worries and get the essential dental care you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Dr. Bassas has the advanced training necessary to deliver safe IV sedation and experience in helping hundreds of our patients get the care they need through the years.

Since this type of sedation is administered intravenously (into the vein), the effects are nearly instantaneous. You will be in a semi-conscious state, so you will remain awake enough to communicate with your dental team. But you will have a pain-free procedure and only vague memories—if any—of the details of your appointment.

IV sedation at our Roseville and Sartell dental offices works well for many people, not just those who suffer from dental anxiety. Anyone who wants a more comfortable experience at the dentist may be a good candidate for IV sedation.

Please let us know if you're interested in IV sedation during your next appointment. 

When Do You Need IV Sedation Dentistry?

Anxiety is the most common reason our Roseville and Sartell patients have for choosing IV sedation dentistry. But many patients can benefit from the relaxing effects of IV sedation, including those who:

  • Want a pain-free dental experience
  • Hate needles
  • Have trouble getting numb
  • Have tooth sensitivity
  • Have a strong gag reflex
  • Dislike the sounds or smells of a dental office
  • Want to “go to sleep” for their procedure
  • Need to have wisdom teeth extracted
  • Need extensive dental treatment at one appointment
  • Had a traumatic experience with the dentist in the past
  • Have jaw joint pain (TMJ) and can’t open their mouth for long periods

Because your safety is our priority, we will first review your medical history to ensure that you are a good candidate for IV sedation. Dr. Bassas has extensive experience with providing safe IV sedation, and he and our dental team will monitor you throughout your appointment.

Keep Calm with IV Sedation 

If you can’t remember the last time you relaxed during a dental procedure, or you’ve neglected your oral health because of anxiety, call i-Implant Dentistry. IV sedation will give you the confidence and peace of mind you need to have a comfortable, stress-free experience and ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy.

Beat Dental Anxiety with IV Sedation Dentistry 

Dr. Bassas is a caring dentist who understands that most patients become anxious at the prospect of oral surgery. Because we want you to have a calm and relaxing experience with us, we offer different levels of sedation dentistry to match your unique needs.

IV or intravenous sedation used at our Roseville and Sartell dental offices offers a deeper level of sedation than nitrous oxide, which is a gas you inhale, and oral sedation, where you take a sedative before your appointment. You will feel very drowsy and may drift off, but IV sedation doesn’t put you into a deep sleep as general anesthesia does.

This semi-conscious state is often referred to as twilight sleep because you will remain awake and able to respond to our team, but you won’t feel any pain, and you may not remember much or any of what happened during your procedure. And both these effects are the whole point of sedation in the first place!

When you choose IV sedation for your dental procedure at i-Implant Dentistry, you couldn’t be in better hands. Dr. Bassas is a skilled oral surgeon who has specialized training in IV sedation and is licensed to safely deliver it to our patients. Many of our patients opt for IV sedation for procedures like tooth extractions—including wisdom teeth—implant dentistry, and bone grafting procedures.

Call our Sartell or Roseville Dental Office for More IV Sedation Info

If you have oral surgery or another procedure scheduled with us, we will be happy to talk to you about IV sedation as well as our other very effective sedation methods. Please call our Roseville or Sartell dental office to schedule an appointment to get started.

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