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Frequently Asked Questions

Your dental bridge in Sartell, MN is built of quality materials and customized to fit your smile. When a prosthetic fits you correctly, it cuts down on wear and tear, allowing for a longer-lasting product.

A dental bridge means artificial teeth between dental crowns. While the crowns cap healthy teeth, the bridge restorations restore your smile.

However, if you’re considering or dental bridge or if you’ve just been fitted, you may be wondering about longevity.

As with any prosthetic or restoration, healthy habits contribute to longevity.

  • Visit your dentist every six months for teeth cleanings and checkups.
  • Practice good oral hygiene between preventive dental visits.
  • Use your small cleaning brush and floss threader to keep your bridge clean and healthy.
  • Talk to your dentist if you grind and clench your teeth (bruxism).
  • Talk to your dentist if you notice any changes—for example, a loose crown.

With healthy habits, your dental bridge can last up to 15 years and sometimes longer.

Restore Your Smile with a Top Sartell, MN Dentist

Let us know what you’re looking for in a new smile!

If you’re ready, schedule your consultation today or give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about tooth replacement, including the dental bridge.

Dental Crowns Are Reliable! woman smiling with dental crowns in roseville

Dental crowns in Sartell are reliable and durable dental prosthetics that your dentist uses to restore and protect a weakened tooth. There are many reasons why patients may need a dental crown, but the advantages are the same. Some of the most common benefits of dental crowns include:

  • Support a decayed tooth
  • Protect against further enamel erosion
  • Stabilize a tooth after a root canal
  • Protect a chipped, fractured, or cracked tooth from further damage
  • The visible portion of a dental implant
  • Improves the appearance of a severely stained tooth
  • Improves the shape, size, and alignment of teeth
  • Cover a cavity that is too large for a filling
  • Attach a dental bridge

Dental Crowns Are a Great Investment in 56377

Dental crowns are a popular long-term dental procedure because they can last 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance. For patients who are interested in investing in their future oral healthcare. Once your dentist has fabricated your dental crown, they can ensure that it blends in with your existing smile. The process for dental crowns is pain-free and straightforward; during your initial consultation, your dentist will make an impression of your mouth to create a precise mold of the tooth. This impression will be used to custom fabricate a dental crown to enhance your smile and improve the function of your bite. 

Are You Ready to Invest in Your Smile?

Living with a weakened, decayed, or damaged tooth can lead to future oral health complications. Dental crowns are a long-term investment in your happiness and peace of mind. Call  i-Implant Dentistry in Roseville today to schedule your dental crown consultation

A dental bridge in Sartell is an excellent solution for tooth loss. It is an artificial tooth or tooth situated between dental crowns—one on each end. The crowns cap the tooth to the left and right of the gap, supporting the artificial teeth as they complete your smile.

The bridge is a fixed restoration that can only be removed by a dentist.

In appearance, a dental bridge has one or two restoring teeth, with crowns on each end. The dental bridge is not interchangeable. Instead, it is customized to fit you alone and complement your smile.

To discover if the dental bridge is right for you, we schedule a consultation with your dentist. At this visit, you and ask questions, and we present all tooth replacement options so that you can make the best decision for your smile.

With your dental bridge, you can smile and laugh without concern for slippage. You can also chew your food with ease.

Talk to Your Sartell, MN Dentist Today

Replacing missing teeth is good for your oral health and your self-esteem. If you want to learn more or are ready to get started, reach out to a helpful team member today to arrange a consultation with your dentist.

When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

While there may be some cases where the condition of the tooth after a root canal does not require a dental crown, more often than not, we recommend one to protect and stabilize your tooth.

A dental crown is a tooth cap that protects your tooth from further damage and infection. We recommend a root canal when severe decay or infection has penetrated your tooth to the inner portion. When the dental pulp and root become inflamed, it is necessary to remove the infected portion to eliminate pain and reduce the risk of tooth loss. Because root canals require removing some of your tooth, they become weakened and susceptible to repeat infection. 

If the tooth has sustained a lot of damage, then a dental crown is perfect for preserving the remaining portion of your tooth. 

Killing Tooth Infections

At i-Implant Dentistry in Sartell, we work hard to retain your natural tooth as much as we can. Root canals preserve your tooth and kill any decay or infection. By capping your tooth with a dental crown, we seal the tooth from outside bacteria, and even the pressure of chewing and grinding that can crack a weak tooth. Our goal is to preserve your teeth as much as possible before tooth extractions are necessary. 

Please contact our Roseville dental office if you have any questions or would like more information about root canals and dental crowns. 

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