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Will I need oral surgery to have my wisdom teeth extracted?

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Nobody wants to have a tooth extracted, and as your dentist in Sartell, MN, i-Implant Dentistry understands that nobody likes to face the thought of oral surgery either. But if you have to have one or more wisdom teeth extracted, oral surgery usually makes the most sense, and here’s why.

It can be tricky to remove wisdom teeth, also known as third molars. Although our ancestors needed these teeth for chewing thousands of years ago, we no longer need these teeth for our modern diets.

Are all procedures the same?

When wisdom teeth are fully erupted, meaning they have appeared above the gumline, you might not need oral surgery to have them extracted. But often wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning that they haven’t fully come through the gumline or they are not visible above the gumline at all. Wisdom teeth have strong roots that run deep, and they are often resistant to removal. For the best possible outcome, it is usually advised to have these wisdom teeth surgically removed by an oral surgeon who can put you completely under anesthesia during the procedure.

We will provide you with full instructions after the procedure to promote quick and painless healing in the days following the surgery. Because wisdom teeth are not replaced after extraction, you will not have to be concerned about tooth replacement. 

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