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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Implants

How can we help you?

Dr. Saad Bassas and the team at i-Implant Dentistry expect that many of our patients will have a number of questions about the treatment they receive. Patient education is important to us, and we are happy to take the time to share our knowledge with patients.  Making the right decisions about treatment options is important, and when our patients have the right information, they can make the best choices. We want you to know that you’ll never feel rushed when you are in our office, and we are always happy to take the time to answer questions and address concerns.

There are a lot of questions we hear often from our patients, and we’ve listed some of these below for you to take a look at. But if you don’t see your question answered here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We don’t want you to feel uncertainty about your treatment options. Dr. Bassas is happy to take all the time needed to make sure his patients are making the most informed decisions possible. We are here for you!

Dental Implants

man thinking about dental implants in roseville mnDental Implant Pain, St. Cloud MN

Most patients report that the amount of pain with dental implants is far less than they imagined. Each situation is different, but there is no pain from the dental implant itself. The amount of discomfort, in general, will depend on your specific situation as well as your ability to heal. The skill and experience of your dentist are also important to ensure the dental implant process is as comfortable as possible so you won't feel any pain.

Why should I choose dental implants?

Dental implants are one of the most popular choices available today for tooth replacement, and with good reason! They are a durable, comfortable solution, and can help increase your oral hygiene. If you have any questions about dental implants, your oral hygiene, or if you'd like to schedule a consultation to find out what the process would look like for you, contact us today! 

man with tooth pain in sartell mnCare for your dental implants is very similar to taking care of your natural teeth. 

Steps for Caring for Dental Implants

  • Brush and flossing daily
  • See your dentist twice a year
  • Have your dentist check on the implants regularly

To schedule a check-up for your dental implants in the 56377 area, or for a consultation for dental implants, call our Sartell dental office!


A dental implant in Sartell, MN replaces your missing tooth from the root up. Because it is so similar to a natural tooth and offers superior function, it is a process. But most patients feel it’s worth it and a true investment in the future of their oral health.

After you’ve been approved for implant dentistry—meaning it is a viable option for you—the process starts with implant surgery.

On this day, your dentist surgically implants your new tooth root, relying on image-guided technology for precision and predictability.

The new tooth root is made of biocompatible titanium that integrates with your natural jawbone over several months. This process creates a durable base for your replacement tooth, also called a dental crown. Your customized crown is interchangeable in appearance compared with your natural teeth.

After crown placement, you are free to expand your dietary choices and enjoy your brand-new smile.

If you have several missing teeth or total tooth loss, talk to your dentist about implant-supported dentures or bridges.   

Are You Ready to Complete Your Smile with Dental Implants?

We are always happy to answer your questions and set up your initial consultation with our implant dentist in Sartell. So give us a call today to get started.

Dental Implants are Reliable and Durable 

Dental implants are the best tooth-replacement option on the market thanks to their durability and woman with dental implants in roseville mnstrength. A dental implant replaces your missing tooth from the root that goes deep into the jaw bone up through the beautiful porcelain crown that rests on top.

With other tooth replacement options that aren’t as durable as dental implants, you might have to be a little more careful about what you eat and which foods to avoid. If you have dental implants in Roseville, MN, however, you can enjoy all your favorite meals each day. 

You will, of course, need to give your dental implant surgical sites time to heal sufficiently before indulging in hard, crunchy foods. For the first few weeks after your dental implant surgery, we recommend sticking to a soft and liquid diet full of foods like soup, ice cream, pudding, and smoothies. 

After your mouth has healed and you no longer feel pain or tenderness, your Sartell dentist will advise you that it’s appropriate to return to a regular diet. At this time, you are free to eat any of the regular foods in your diet.

How to Care for Your Dental Implants

If you’re going to indulge in something particularly hard or crunchy, it’s best to evenly distribute your chewing forces and not rely only on your dental implant to do the work. Use your stronger back molars to break up any pieces of food that are tough or strong before using your dental implant. 

If you have more questions about dental implants in Sartell or Roseville, MN, please call our dental team at (320) 331-3000 to learn more. 

man with questions about bone grafting in sartellSurgical Procedures in Sartell, MN

The bone grafts we perform include bone from four different categories: (1) the patient is a donor, with bone coming from some part of the body; (2) we use an outside source for human donor material; (3) we use bone from an animal, usually a cow or a pig; or (4) the material is synthetic, coming from artificial sources.

Bone Grafting Options in Sartell, MN

Are you living with one or more missing teeth?

A tooth implant is one of the best solutions for restoring your smile; however, if you've suffered bone loss due to periodontal (gum) disease or a missing tooth, your dentist may have told you that you weren't a good candidate for an implant. Dental implants need plenty of healthy bone to support and stabilize them, and Dr. Bassas provides surgical services like bone grafting that can restore your lost bone so you can successfully support a new tooth implant. 

Using either donor bone, synthetic bone, or your own bone, Dr. Bassas can build up your jawbone with material that naturally integrates with your bone and can safely support a dental implant. The procedure is straightforward and we can often complete the process during a tooth extraction here in our Sartell, MN dental office.

Replace a Missing Tooth with Dental Implants! 

If someone has told you in the past that dental implants are not the right procedure to replace your lost tooth, we encourage you to schedule an evaluation at i-Implant Dentistry with Dr. Saad Bassas to learn more about how a bone grafting procedure in Sartell can make a tooth implant a possibility for your smile. Call us at (320) 331-3000 to schedule your appointment.

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