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Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts at taking good care of our oral health, oral surgery might become necessary. When you find out you will need oral surgery to have a tooth extracted, treat gum issues, or place dental implants, you want to go to someone you can trust, a dentist who is trained in oral surgical procedures. You want a dentist like Dr. Saad Bassas, an experienced dentist and oral surgeon who has not only received special training in oral surgery, but who has conducted many procedures over the years.

The prospect of facing oral surgery can be a stressful one. We’ve put together some information below to provide you with more information and to address some of your concerns. If you still have questions about oral surgery, rest assured that you can contact our Sartell, MN dental office to find out more. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your oral health.

Experienced Dental Surgery with a Gentle Touch in 56377

Dr. Bassas brings to i-Implant Dentistry 20 years of experience in implant dentistry. Dr. Bassas is board certified in prosthodontics as well as oral implantology/implant dentistry. He is among only a handful of prosthodontists in the United States who completed dual residency and training in oral surgery and prosthodontics, which makes him highly and uniquely qualified in both placing and restoring dental implants.

In addition, Dr. Bassas is specially trained and licensed to offer IV sedation for the comfort of all patients who desire this service. He performs hundreds of implant and bone graft procedures per year, which has made him a leading expert in the field. His concern, enthusiasm, and passion for implant dentistry set him apart from many of his peers.

Dr. Bassas received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Aleppo University School of Dentistry in 1998, where he ranked first in his class. He then completed a hospital-based oral surgery residency at Damascus University, where he also served as chief of residents.

Because of his special interests in implants and aesthetic dentistry, he completed the maxicourse in oral implantology at New York University as well as the postgraduate program in esthetic dentistry at the University of Minnesota. He attended the prestigious program of Advanced Education in Prosthodontics at the University of Minnesota.

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Teeth Extractions

If you have a broken or damaged tooth, you may have put off receiving dental care at our Sartell, MN dental office because you are worried about losing your tooth. While it’s true that dentists generally try everything within their power to save a natural tooth, in some cases, a tooth might be in such bad shape that filling or crowning it won’t be enough. If there is too much damage to a tooth, your dentist might tell you an extraction is your only option—particularly if leaving the teeth is threatening to damage your other teeth or your overall health.

Perhaps you have one or more wisdom teeth that are crowding your other teeth and putting them at risk. Again, an extraction procedure may well be your best option at our Roseville, MN dental office. Extraction of wisdom teeth is necessary when they are prevented from erupting properly in the mouth. Early removal is recommended to prevent future problems.

Oral Surgery and Wisdom Teeth

Nobody wants to have a tooth extracted, and as your dentist in Sartell, MN, i-Implant Dentistry understands that nobody likes to face the thought of oral surgery either. But if you have to have one or more wisdom teeth extracted, oral surgery usually makes the most sense, and here’s why.

It can be tricky to remove wisdom teeth, also known as third molars. These are the final molars to come in, and usually do so during the teen years or early twenties. Although our ancestors needed these teeth for chewing thousands of years ago, we no longer need these teeth for our modern diets. Having wisdom teeth extracted are almost a rite of passage for those in their woman smiling after oral surgery in rosevillelate teens and twenties!

When wisdom teeth are fully erupted, meaning they have appeared above the gumline, you might not need oral surgery to have them extracted. But often wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning that they haven’t fully come through the gumline or they are not visible above the gumline at all. Wisdom teeth have strong roots that run deep, and they are often resistant to removal. For the best possible outcome, it is usually advised to have these wisdom teeth surgically removed by an oral surgeon who can put you completely under anesthesia during the procedure.

We will provide you with full instructions after the procedure to promote quick and painless healing in the days following the surgery. Because wisdom teeth are not replaced after extraction at our Roseville, MN dental office, you will not have to be concerned about tooth replacement

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Bone Grafting and Sinus Lift

When a tooth is lost or extracted, bone loss in the area is common. This can be a problem if the patient wishes to have dental implants. There has to be enough bone in the area for dental implant surgery to be successful. Using a number of different materials, including your own bone, donor bone, or synthetic bone, Dr. Bassas can build up the area to restore bone that has been lost. Bone grafting is a safe procedure, and it can usually be taken care of during the tooth extraction process to prepare the site for dental implant surgery

A sinus lift is a surgery that adds bone to your upper jaw in the area of your molars and premolars. Also called sinus augmentation, it is also a way to prepare bone for the placement of dental implants. In the procedure, bone is added between your jaw and the sinuses on either side of the nose. In order to make sure there is enough room for bone to be added, the sinus membrane is lifted upward

Both of these procedures have become more common as more and more patients opt for dental implant surgery at our Sartell, MN dental clinic

Crown Lengthening

Sometimes a tooth that is decayed might break off right at the gum line or a crown of a filling might fall off. In this case, there might not be enough tooth exposed to support a new restoration. With the crown lengthening procedure, gum tissue (and sometimes bone) is removed to expose more of the tooth. This makes it possible for a filling or crown to be placed

This is a common surgical procedure that is also useful for patients who have a “gummy smile,” meaning too much of the gum shows and more of the tooth needs to be exposed for esthetic reasons

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